Gas Masks

In response to an increasingly challenging geopolitical environment, Metadure has recently introduced a line of full face gas masks effective enough to wear the Metadure name.

During the last 24 months, Metadure has received inquiries from companies and nations around the world looking to source affordable, high quality gas masks to be utilized during  civil unrest to protect soldiers and/or citizens from a potential aggressor.  Consequently, Metadure has worked diligently to develop a dependable new line of gas mask products.

Please be informed that we now carry a line of full face gas masks and filters designed for both Civil and Military applications and are proud to inform you that our fully tested, top of the line, single canister, NATO compliant, CBRN combination military-grade filter cartridge is 4155STANAG compliant and has been tested to U.S. MIL-STD-282.  It actually outperforms the Mil requirements for particulate penetration of CBRN respirators.  In keeping with our heritage as a trusted military defense company, and unlike other companies that offer gas masks, we only offer military grade filters that provide protection in both military and civil environments.  We believe that our “dual-use” approach is most appropriate considering the potential for known and unknown hazardous threats for civil unrest that the world has witnessed in recent years.  METADURE full face gas masks are modeled after military-issue gas masks for maximum effectiveness; however, they have been priced to make them a top value for worldwide civilian use.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR GAS MASK BUYERS:  Please be aware that the Internet is currently flooded with gas masks that are surplus, non-compliant, or expired.  They may be untested, uncertified or unsafe for the user.  Yours can be confident the METADURE  gas masks are manufactured in strict compliance to precise Metadure specifications.   Certificates of Conformance (C of C) will be provided with all shipments of our masks and filters.

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